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Metron LTD founded in 1986 in Thessaloniki, by people with substantial experience in the field of information technology (IT). Initially, the range of activities extended to business automation, computer systems sales and support. Then extended its activities to custom applications software development, playing a leading role in the market of Northern Greece and gaining a high market share.

Thanks to many years of experience and specialized expertise, the company has become a trusted partner of major companies in the sector of information technology and telecommunications. Today Metron provides software products and services to large companies in the public sector, and a wide range of private sector companies.

In summary the elements that characterise Metron are:

• Specialized expertise and long experience
• Quality and absolute reliability of our products and services
• Continuous and sustained support of our products and services
• Highly skilled manpower
• Respect for the customer

Corporate philosophy

Gradually METRON, expanded and managed to gain a valuable range of applications and services in the area of information technology. The development of new and innovative applications, the creation of infrastructure and the expansion of strategic partnerships are the pillars of the corporate philosophy aimed at building lasting relationships, to meet the needs of clients and provide quality services.


The main objective of METRON is to continually develop the offered services and enrich them with new applications in the rapidly developing area of computing. METRON aims to create infrastructure and partnerships in IT services. This move is a strategic choice of development which bring added value to the overall corporate presence. The company wants to add value to its services and to build cooperative relationships that cover the requirements and also the proper and accurate implementation of the portfolio of services offered.


The main activities of METRON include:

• Medical Sector
• Manufacturing - Automation
• Commercial Sector, Accounting
• Computerisation of Organizations
• Vertical applications
• Payrolls of large organizations
• Special applications